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Biggest (spinning) top in the world

Two spins of the world’s biggest top at Rizal Re-Creation Center, Rizal, Laguna, Philippines. Longest spinning times yet.

Spintop en France 2007

We spent a “Spintop” weekend with players from paris : didier,yochi,jim et lapin.

The Most Insane Gravity Defying Spintop Tricks You’ve Ever Seen

Takeshi Kamisato … shows us some of the most insane gravity defying tricks with a spin top …

2015 National Koma contest

A nice koma shot during the national Japan koma contest.

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Spintop patches!

Some advanced spintop players have put together their own trick series. Known as a “Patch“, find some you can achieve.

New to spintop?

If you need to learn basics like how to wind up the spintop, how to throw it, you should start from here.

What Spintop?

See famous trick spintops manufacturers and where to find them…

Latest posts, all categories:

Loon-plage Spintops festival in one minute

Maybe the most beautiful video of this third edition of the loon-plage "Festival des toupies du monde" 2020 edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dllJdzBedQo

Loon-plage festival 2020

The 2020 Loon-plage' spintop festival: "Festival des toupies du monde." "World' Spintops Festival"   The Loon-plage' spinning tops festival took place from 02/05/2020 to 02/09/2020! Many...

Marines’ festival 2020

The next Marines' spintop festival: "Festival des toupies, yoyos et diabolos"   The marines' spinning tops festival celebrates its 10th birthday! It will take place from 01/28/2020 to...

Top battles in Vietnam

It's a great clip: the top battle is first rate! The caption and about half of the comments are in Hmong, the rest of the comments are in Vietnamese. There seems to be some delayed shouting in a...

Short film: El Último Trompo

This is a 19-minute short film about the ecological destruction carried out in Colombia and with good spinning combat scenes. It has been selected by festivals in Mexico and the Netherlands.

UYYC (United Yo Yo Contest)

The annual Missouri / Kansas Spin Top Competition occured with in the Missouri / Kansas State Yo Yo contest (United Yo Yo - UYY) in St. Louis Missouri (UYY alternates between St. Louis and Kansas...

Nice spintop videos

Here are nice spintop videos, contests, freestyles and more…