Here are the World Contests, since 2001, some of them don’t have any video referenced, if you know where to find some of them, just contact me

The latest contests have more sources of good videos, so you will find all them under the main playlist or by clicking the challenger’s name.

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World's 2020

Has taken place online due to the covid pandemic, divided in two divisions.

This Virtual assembly has been from far the biggest ever! You can see the summarized page or the full portfolio of candidats.

World's 2019

Has taken place in Cleveland (USA), result is a tie after an error from the technical team…

Jose Madrigal and Eli Hickerson share the first place…

World's 2018

Has taken place in Shanghai (China), won by Kanta Tani!


World's 2017

Has taken place in Reykjavik, Iceland, won by Jakub Konecny

World's 2016

Has taken place in Cleveland (Ohio,USA), won by Chris Neff


World's 2015

Has taken place in Tokyo, Japan and won by Jorge Alcoz.

World's 2014

Has taken place in Prague, Czech Republic, won by Tyler Young

World's 2013

Has taken place in Orlando (Florida, USA), won by Gustavo Castro.


World's 2012

Has taken place in Orlando (Florida, USA), won by Carlos Solis.


World's 2009

All 2009 contest videos

World's 2005

Won by Dave Bazan

World's 2003

Won by Miguel Correa

World's 2002

Won by Dave Bazan

World's 2001

Won by Felix Avellana

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