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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the 2020 edition of the Spintop World Contest has turned “virtual”.

Divided in two divisions, one for the traditional spinning top play and one for the more modern spintop play.

As such, the contest has been voted from 3min raw videos uploaded by players from all around the world by 8 judges selecting 10 finalists for each division.

Then, each finalist may vote for his 5 best videos (excluding himself of course).

Full results (with links to videos) can be found here.

A Tricks’ ladder has as well been organised in the same “video” way…

Full rules can be found on the official ITSA dedicated page. The full competitor list, in the same manner has its own page with links to their proposed video.

Want to browse all videos?

You can browse here all the videos uploaded for this contest and select the categories you want to explore.

Open Freestyle Division

Here is the final podium of this virtual spintop world contest 2020 froö the “Open Freestyle Division”

First place

Second place

Kanta Tani (Japan)

Third Place

Traditional Spintop Division

Here is the final podium of this virtual spintop world contest 2020 from the “Traditional Division”

First place

Second place

Third Place

Ladder Tricks Division

Finally, the ladder tricks list hasn’t been so full but the idea need to be explored here are the results:

First place

Markus Heineck (US)

First miss: 11, Second miss: 27, Last made: 33 !

Second place

 Jose Angel Simon (Spain)

First miss: 24, Second: 27, Last made: 28

Third Place

Dave Schulte (US)

First miss: 24, Second: 25, Last made: 27

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony as the contest itself, has been “virtual” and realised via the Zoom video conference application and then later re-uploaded on Youtube.

Full Competitors playlists:

Thanks to Taka you can find the two full playlist of video:

One for open freestyle division:

One for the Traditional Division:

And I’ve created one for the tricks’ ladder videos: