From Winding the top to advanced throw you’ll find below some basic tutorials to help you to get familiar with spintops tricks!

About tutorials selection...

A huge amount of tutorial videos about the art of spinning top can be found on internet (and youtube particulary!). Most of the “good quality” videos are referenced somewhere on this website, so

  • this selection is purely subjective and you can find, from here, many other videos demonstrating the same trick by clicking on the “browse more” link (the trick’s name).
  • you can also browse spintop tutorials category (but it’s a bit overcrowded there…)
  • you could as well choose a videos selection from the same author to have similar presentation and learning curve.

Here are the very basics of the not so common spinning top play.

Once masterized some more tutorials can be found below by authors from basics to advanced tricks.

You can then maybe switch to the available patches to test your skills, and even make some patch videos application.

If you want more “tricky tricks” from expert players have a look at the Trick Of The Week from team…

Winding top

Or browse all videos about winding up the top


Or have a look at other Scoop related videos.

Balance spintop in hand

You can also have a look at videos about balancing tops

Throwing a Top

Or browse all Spinner (basic throw of a top) videos.

Sky Rocket

Or browse all videos about Sky Rocket


More to come…

Or have a look at below teams’ tutorials:


Learn with these great spintop tutorial, you can find often the same trick in different team with different point of view, slowmotion shots, texts etc…

Find your favorites!

After that it’s time to test your skills with some patches right?

Available patches

Finally, if you’re looking for advanced tricks some of the finest tricks, and inspiration for new ones can be found in the Trick Of The Week serial: 

Trick Of The Week