Strummol8 STB and STB 2.0:

Not available anymore as new…

Strummol8 Giulia:

Strummol8 Sofia:

Strummol8 Love:

Strummol8 STB 2.5:

Strummol8 STB 3.0:

New STB 3.0 “Full Metal Jacket” spintop from Italian brand Strummol8.

It has a tip system for easy exchange of tips (compatible with the old tips).

This top is from the first batch that came in a limited edition kit.

It included fixed-tip, bearing tip and one-way bearing tip.

I show a couple of tricks for each tip.

Also shown is a STB 2.5 with a delrin body and a metal crown.

Ta0 made the perfect unboxing video on the Strummol8 case: