I have had my trick list together for a while now, but no time to shoot the video.

So then I got the idea of using video I’ve already shot!

Some tricks are shown several different times and there are slight inconsistencies; I intend to resolve this with a new video, which may have one more trick in it  I also have to design my patch!

Here are the tricks:

  1. Skywalker (fixed tip required)
  2. Zorro  (fixed tip required)
  3. Liberty (bearing tip recommended)
  4. Super 8  (bearing tip recommended)
  5. Legs (fixed tip required)
  6. Lemming (either)
  7. Wrist Wrap Whip (either)
  8. Wormhole  (bearing tip recommended)
C. Neff

C. Neff

World Champion 2016

C.Neff, 2016 world champion, spins since many years sharing lot of tricks, tips and tutorials…