Here is Miguelanchelo‘s own patch:

  1. “Mach 4” Fixed tip.
    Mach 5 done with a fixed tip. Four turns required
  2. “Circuit x 4” (A)
    Wirewalker (racetrack/circuit) back and forth between hands, 2 rounds (4 segments)
  3. “Double Staircase to Heaven”
    Staircase to Heaven with two wraps going up on the launching hand.
  4. “Mickey Charges”
    Three wrap corkscrew. Open last loop with index finger of opposite hand. Tops corkscrews and it wire walks around finger. End with blizzard between arms.
  5. “New Circuit” (B)
    Similar to 2 but we need a closeup of the setup.
  6. “Atoms with Elevator”
    From a barrel roll mount, wrap the tip and go into an elevator. (Overshoot and let fall. Take to hand with a barrel roll movement).
  7. “Combination with Whip”
    Around-the-arm. Place into position for second around-the-arm but land on trapeze (?). One handed trapeze. Iron whip.
  8. “Matt’s Whip”
    Set lasso on one hand and top on trapeze mount on the other. Do (underhand) whip with two turns (cool whip).
  9. “Suicide Whip”
    High whip.
  10. “Loop with Back” (Pirouette Lasso)
    Pirouette from roller coaster.
  11. Hand Whip” (finger grind to whip)
    Grind on fingers of non-dominant hand and whip with full string.
  12. “Behind Cane” (BB to front Sun)
    With the top behind the back, do a sun to the front between the legs and lasso top.


Elite player