• Finger top — A spinning top delivering good play value when spun with a twirl or snap of the fingers alone.
  • Overhand launch — The usual method of launching a finger top via a stem twirled from above.

  • Underhand launch — A powerful way to launch a finger top by its tip from below with a strong palm-up snap of the fingers.

  •  Naked top — A top that spins on a bare cross-axle.

  •  Znapper — An exceptional LEGO® finger top made from a small Znap propeller wheel (32219, D=30 mm, M=5.6 g), a cross-axle, perhaps a tip, and little else.
  • Znapoid — A small LEGO® finger top with znapper-like qualities but a non-Znap rotor.

    Bottom line: If you can’t manage to have fun with these snappy little tops, then maybe fun just isn’t for you!

Read more about znappers here!

Jeremy McCreary

Jeremy McCreary

Lego spintop crafter

Lego Tops

Most of the videos here are extracted from my MOCs pages there and are working gizmos born of a fascination with gadgets and the science and engineering behind them. Technical LEGO® — my term for the fusion of LEGO® with STEM (science, technology, and math) subject matter — brings out my inner inventor/designer/engineer/toymaker like no other medium.

My work owes a great deal to the folks on my list of favorite builders. Their imagination and ingenuity never cease to amaze.