spintastic patchesHistorically, spintastic have been one of the first to share spinning top trick-list, they proposed to send patches you can sew on your top’ clothes…

You can still order these patches from Spintastic by sending the original form to fill you will find below as well as the complete listing of these patches contents.

Don’t hesitate, give us a youtube channel address, and be the next spinner to post your patch application video link…

The Freestyle Patch:

To claim this patch you need to:

Perform continuously for one minute on one throw of the top, utilizing a minimum of six tricks, including two different regeneration tricks.

The ball-bearing top may NOT be used for this award.

This is a good starting point to start cronstructing your own Spin Top Freestyle!

The Instructor Patch:

To claim this patch you need to:

List two people you have trained who have earned their 8 Tricks Award patch.

Print Spintastic's spintop application form!