The 2020 Loon-plage’ spintop festival:

“Festival des toupies du monde.”

“World’ Spintops Festival”


The Loon-plage’ spinning tops festival took place from 02/05/2020 to 02/09/2020!

Many guests, friends and activities for this new edition.

Including demos, exhibitions, initiations, battles, various contests, spinning top makers, 3d printed spintops and many more!

Some of the guests present (officially invited or not):

  • Rocco Cosca, woodturner, and spintop performer from italia see his website here.
  • Armin Kolb, woodturner, and spintop jeweller in duo with Brigitte from Slovenia
  • Quentin Godet, world class spinner and 3 times 4A yoyo European champion!
  • Herney Garcia, columbian multi champion and world class spinner, came with the fundation of traditional games of columbia.
  • Guillem Vizcaino and Xisco, new world class spinners and makers from Mallorca (Spain)
  • Marco Palma alias Cuper, ITSA ambassador, Mexican trompo federation president and dealer of “Mini Cuper”
  • Attila olhà, world class spinner from Hungaria next World’s host country…
  • Ta0, world class spinner, spintop judge co-funder of ITSA and owner of Itopspin!
  • Many more including the organisating team: Emma, Ludo, Karine, Sham, Mermouy, Dorian, JC, Audrey & Ludo

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Some of the best videos recolted after the Loon-plage “Spintops of the world” Festival:

Some of the most beautiful pictures taken at the “Festival des toupies du monde” in Loon-plage 2020:

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