Gyroscopic effect and precession logically explained.

No math here, but the logicality is explained in some depth.

This video is for people who have not studied physics nor mathematics, but have curiosity and like to think about these matters.

This is the first of three videos I would like to make about the physics of the spinning top.

This was about precession: another video would be about explaining nutation, which is a particular kind of precession.

A third video would be about explaining unbalance in spin tops, which causes a kind of wobbling totally unrelated to precession, even if usually it is called just “precession”.

Since precession and wobbling due to unbalance have totally different causes, I treat them separately.

I made a video showing these three movements in spinning tops, without explaining them. These three videos will do it.

Iacopo Simonelli

Iacopo Simonelli

Spintop theorician

Iacopo could be called a spintop theorician, more than being a very talented spintop crafter, he tries with some of his videos, to explain spin theories…